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^^ MMLW579-Human Hair "Handlebar/Santa" ^^

^^ MMLW470-Human Hair "Standard" ^^

^^ MMLW430-Human Hair "Downturn" ^^

^^ MMLW466-Human Hair "Villain" ^^

^^ MMLW473-Human Hair "Walrus" ^^

^^ MMLW436-Human Hair "Edwardian35" ^^

^^ MMLW434-Human Hair "Edwardian34" ^^

^^ MMLW411-Human Hair "English" ^^

^^ MMLW467-Human Hair "Sm. English" ^^

^^ MMLW413-Human Hair "Gentleman" ^^

^^ MMLW414-Human Hair "Errol Flynn" ^^

^^ MMLW468-Human Hair "Fu Manchu" ^^

^^ MMLW578-Human Hair "Triangle" ^^

^^ MMLW423-Human Hair "Chaplin" ^^

^^ MMLW421-Synthetic "Handlebar/Santa" ^^

^^ MMLW353-Synthetic "Standard" ^^

^^ MMLW431-Synthetic "Downturned" ^^

^^ MMLW426-Synthetic "Villain" ^^

^^ MMLW543-Synthetic "Walrus" ^^

^^ MMLW412-Synthetic "English" ^^

^^ MMLW428-Synthetic "Sm. English" ^^

^^ MMLW415-Synthetic "Errol Flynn" ^^

^^ MMLW633-Synthetic "Fu Manchu" ^^


Photo: Human Hair (Top 14)
Photo: Synthetic (Bottom 9)

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Mustaches are hand knotted on net backing for a realistic look. There is little visual difference between the Synthetic, Blend, and Human Hair mustaches.

This is the same quality of the Full Face Short Theatrical Beard shown at the top of the thumbnail page. Refer to those pictures for color depiction.
Note: Colors vary with lighting and computer systems.

(4)Medium Brown
(6)Med Chestnut Brown
(8)Lt Chestnut Brown
(10)Light Brown
(27)Strawberry Blond
(38)Pepper & Salt
(44)Salt & Pepper
(56)Light Gray

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