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Here are some tips for using the most common types of costume make-up to create your special Halloween look. We, at the Fun 'n Folly, hope these tips will make your Halloween preparations easy and fun.


Many good effects may be obtained with the use of grease paint. A base color should be applied by making streaks or dabs over the area to be covered and blending with fingertips or sponge. For smooth application and easier removal, the skin can be covered with a thin coat of cold cream before the grease paint is applied. The pores of the skin should remain visible or the make-up has been applied too heavily. A translucent powder such as Johnson's® Baby Powder is used to set the grease paint. This reduces the shiny appearance and the tendency to smear. Applying powder between each color application will help keep the colors from running together. The excess powder should be brushed off with a soft brush.

For detail or precision, a lining brush is highly desirable. Be sure to clean your brush well or use separate brushes when changing colors. Grease paint is removed more easily with cold cream or baby oil than with just soap and water.


Water base make-up is available in several colors and has the obvious advantage of easy soap and water removal. It is especially useful on areas where clothing may rub such as the neck area or hands.

Allow water base make-up to dry if grease paint is to be applied over it. Cold cream is not recommended with water base make-up.


Spirit gum is essentially a glue used to attach mustaches, beards, artificial noses, etc. to the skin. For best results apply spirit gum to clean, dry skin as well as to the appliance and allow both to become tacky. Then press the appliance to the prepared skin and hold for a moment or two.

Commercial spirit gum remover is the best for removing spirit gum. Ordinary rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover can be used effectively. If none of these are available, cold cream, baby oil, soap and water, and/or persistence will suffice.

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Crepe hair is commonly used for creating realistic mustaches, beards, sideburns, etc. It comes in a variety of colors including white which can be dyed with food coloring. It is available in foot long braided strands which extend up to 4 feet when unraveled.

If desired, the curl can be lessened from the crepe hair by steaming it, ironing it, or by wetting it and stretching it out to dry. A small amount can be quickly straightened by briskly rolling it between your palms.

To attach crepe hair, apply spirit gum to the skin and allow it to become tacky. Then press the hair firmly to the skin with your fingers. To form a beard, it is best to work a small area at a time starting at the bottom of the chin and working up the side of the face.


Nose putty can be used to alter the shape of the face or to create warts, cauliflower ears, scars, and other blemishes.

Soften a small amount of nose putty by kneading it in your hands or by submerging it in hot water. A dab of spirit gum mixed in while kneading the putty will make it more pliable.

Nose putty may be pressed directly onto clean, make-up free skin and molded to the desired shape. For better adhesion, put a thin coat of spirit gum on the skin and allow it to become tacky before applying the nose putty.

Make-up can be applied over nose putty. Don't use cold cream as the putty will become greasy and soft. Remove nose putty just by peeling it off. If residue remains, remove it as you would spirit gum.


Liquid latex is a liquid rubber that is excellent for building subtle changes in the face. It may also be used to cover nose putty, smoothing out its appearance.


Liquid latex is slower to use than wax or nose putty as it should be applied in several coats allowing time for each coat to dry. Make-up may be applied after the latex has dried.

Liquid latex can be used to make hair pieces such as beards or mustaches. If the hair piece is to be used only once, simply paint the skin with latex and insert the ends of crepe hair into the latex before it dries.

If you wish to reuse the hair piece, apply at least four coats of latex and allow each to dry. Apply one more layer and insert the ends of the crepe hair while it is in its liquid state. This hair piece can be reused about a half dozen times by peeling it off gently and reapplying it with spirit gum.


With pump or aerosol spray, style hair and spray. Liquid coloring is simply combed through the hair. The liquid is best for mustaches and eyebrows. Most commercial temporary hair colors easily shampoo out. Do not use if hair is already treated with any other hair coloring chemicals. If hair is very light blonde, removal of the darker colors may be more difficult.


Tooth wax can be used to give the appearance of a missing tooth. Soften wax by kneading it, mold it into a thin sheet, and apply directly to dry tooth.

The shape of the eyebrows can be changed by covering the original brows with make-up and drawing new ones in the desired shape and position.

Bruises, black eyes, and surface scars may be painted on by using grease paints. Ridges or welts may be built up with nose putty, wax, or latex. An indented scar may be created by smoothly spreading nose putty, wax, or liquid latex over the skin and forming an indentation as desired.

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