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Order #CU27169

  • Jumpsuit Body - Plush fake fur fabric
  • Head - Made of semi-rigid foam rubber sandwiched between two layers of natural latex rubber
    Head has a built-in fan.
  • Mitts
  • Feet

    Size fits from 5'4" to 6'1".

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    NOTE: Mascots are special orders and may not be returned.
    NOTE: Because of their large size and weight, mascots do not fall under our normal shipping rates.
    Call for shipping charges.
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    Product Care and Maintenance Information provided by the Manufacturer-

    1. These mascot heads are made of semi-rigid foam rubber sandwiched between two layers of natural latex rubber. This design gives the head a solid structure to maintain its shape while providing sufficient flexibility to prevent breakage should the head be accidentally dropped. To ensure years of continued enjoyment, proper care should be used. Lightly powder the inside of the mascot with talcom powder (unscented is best). This will keep moisture from damaging your mascot. Mascot Heads should be stored in their original plastic bags to prevent the latex from oxidizing.

    2. To prevent cracking or chipping, a latex paint has been used to allow flexibility. Glossy areas of the mascot head are pliable but care should be taken not to stretch or rub these areas since this may cause them to peel. Avoid getting the flocking wet.

    3. The donning and removing of your mascot head will be easier if you follow these tips: Put your legs into the costume, but before putting the sleeves on, slip the shoulder straps from the head under your arm (you need not place the head on yet). Complete dressing into the costume and zip it up (make sure that the straps come through the neck opening). You can now place the head on so that the bib is on the outside. If your costume includes latex feet, we recommend that you wear shoes while wearing them. However, do not try to put the feet on while wearing your shoes since this will put too much stress on the fur and may cause it to tear. Try taking off your shoe first, placing it into the latex foot, and then putting your foot into the shoe.

    4. The hair or fur is made from fire retardant acrylic materials. You can style it any way you wish by using an ordinary hair spray and gently brushing it.

    5. If your mascot should become dirty, we recommend that you use an upholstery or rug cleaner to clean the fur-covered areas only. Mascot costumes should be dry cleaned only to insure a lasting life.

    CAUTION: Your mascot has been provided with adequate ventillation, without compromising the structure. Do not wear mascot heads in the presence of fire or while smoking. Mascot heads should never be worn while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous equipment since peripheral vision and hearing will be impaired.