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Detail of fabric


Order #CSAN7RU

Our most popular Santa Suit!
If the budget allows, invest in this suit.

This is a NICE suit.
It is often preferred over more expensive suits. The picture doesn't do it justice, and words aren't enough to describe this beautiful suit.

  • Zippered Jacket - The soft plush fabric with its deep red color makes this suit outstanding. The trim is soft and thick.
  • Pants
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Boot Tops - Trimmed with fur

    Wig and Beard are not included.
    Most Santas purchasing a quality suit want to choose their own wig and beard set.


    Optional Santa Accessories Available-

    Wig and Beard Santa Belly Glasses and Gloves Santa Bell Santa Bag
    Wig and Beard Set
    Santa Belly Stuffer
    Glasses, Gloves, Bell, Bag
    Eyebrow Whitener
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    *** Santa Tip - Though many professional Santas use the boot-tops that are provided with the suits, others feel that the boot-tops detract from the quality of the suit and use real boots. They will often transfer the fur trim from the boot-tops to their own. A good substitute for real boots is a pair of black rubber galoshes. They look great trimmed with fur and they are cheap compared to boots.

    *** Santa Tip - Don't discount the importance of gloves. Many children are very good at identifying someone by their hands. Also, don't forget to remove watches, rings, and other identifying jewelry.

    *** Santa Tip - I've been told by Santas that if you will be moving around a lot, lifting children up and down, handing out packages, etc., adding a pair of Santa Suspenders is a good idea. Though they don't show, you can be assured nothing else will either.
    Santa Tales

    One year, noting that Santa was on a break, I took my toddler to a coffee shop in the mall for a bite to eat before returning to Santa's house. Before leaving, we went to find the restroom, which in this particular restaurant required passing through the bar. Midway through the room, stopping and pointing, she squealed "There's Santa!" And, sure enough, there was Santa, drink in hand, frantically trying to get his beard back on before my daughter reached his table. "I didn't expect to see any little ones in here", he said. "Ho Ho Ho."

    One Christmas eve, after finally convincing the children they had to get to bed because Santa would be here soon, my husband took some decorative sleigh bells out to the backyard and gently jingled them. He barely had time to put them back on the wall before the kids were out yelling "Did you hear?, Did you hear?, Did you hear the bells?, Santa's coming!"
    "Oh, I bumped against this, that's probably what you heard.", my husband said.
    "No, no, no, it didn't sound like that. It was Santa!", they said.
    "Oh, your Mom's working in the kitchen, that's probably what you heard.", my husband said.
    "No, no, no, NO, it didn't sound like that. It was Santa!", they shouted.
    The more we tried to convinced them otherwise, the more sure they were. For years they talked about the Christmas eve they really heard Santa's sleigh.